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Hands in hair since 2007

Hi! I'm Jessica and I have been a hairstylist for 10 years. I love what I do and more importantly, I love to share my love of hair with everyone. I pride myself on educating clients and being real with them on what you need and how best to achieve the look you want. 

I am a color educator for Kadus Professional and Product Club. Becoming an educator in the hair industry has been a dream come true.  I receive education from top artist, get to work with some of the best stylists in the country and get to meet hairstylist from near and far. I am always learning and get so excited to bring my new knowledge back to my clients. 

Other than the classic cuts and colors, I also love doing smoothing treatments and extensions. I love working with my clients to have them achieve the look they have always wanted. In combination with the hair products I recommend, I will give you the color and cute that will best support your long term hair goals! 

Once you sit in my chair you become a friend. Good hair makes everything better, let us start getting you where you want to be today!

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